Manuel Bisson, untitled, 2016

Because, at the beginning of this pandemic and this confinement, I promised myself to review all recents publications that you could use in your forced solitude. But then we were all overwhelmed by these pre-recorded concerts, operas and dance shows suddenly visible online, all at the same time. The watching of these non-event, which were not meant to be seen online, request a steely determination, a focus I am still not able of during these uncertain and harrowing times. Then, it went worst and down, as if COVID-19 could make all of us amnesic, everyone started to perform live online. Mediocrity for the masses. Some classical musicians who were working on their unique and tremendous sound, refining for years their stunning interpretations are suddenly fine with recording themselves with an iPhone on an out-of-tuned piano. Pop stars who, without their until now essential sound technician, sound like amateurs not even comparable to a karaoke on too much sake. Don’t these artists realize that these mediocre performances will be hard to forget? When it is online, it is online forever. This tsunami of mediocrity unfortunately paralyzed me. I don’t review the ugly. So I didn’t published any article over the last two months. But. 

Because mass medias go on with their same old stew, instead of asking themselves, since not much new is produced, what could have gone under their radar, who are the artists they don’t write or talk about who could have done something interesting. Instead, they question very stupidly, what our famous stars from A-list are doing in these times of confinement. Really? Isn’t there anywhere a novel you didn’t review, a recording of actual music you would have dropped?

Because the mandate I always gave myself is to advocate the unknown artist, the artist you will hear about in mass media in a couple of years. The artist, you reader, couldn’t find by yourself simply because those artists, despite their infinite talent, their warmth and their knowledge simply cannot afford this communication firm, this group of influencers, this press relationship company who usually brings to you the already too much known, the already too much seen. I will continue to do what I always described as some ‘action sponsorship’. I cannot buy the works, I cannot hire musicians, I cannot commission works to composers but I can write about it. I want to try to be this transmitter, this facilitator. So.

YOU, artist who wonders when your turn will come, un-listened intellectual, unseen artisan, your time has come. Make it viral, cut and paste. NEOMEMOIRE, the new memory, the memoir for tomorrow is back and it is all about you. 

normand babin

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